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To New Beginnings and Creative Minds

We’re back! Well, we never actually went anywhere…. But we took a little breather from social media (and bluehost took it upon themselves to delete our website for no reason), so we’re getting a fresh start! And it actually feels really great!

We have still been busy capturing weddings, senior portraits and family photos, but we also started another adventure on top of all that… we each got our Realtors license!! It’s been a fun journey so far, but juggling two businesses definitely keeps us on our toes! While we love helping people find their dream homes (which you will hear more about in days to come), our first love will always be photography. It has given us so much and taken us so many places, and it will always be a part of us.

New headshots for our real estate businesses!

There is so much to catch up on since we last blogged (although all of our previous posts were deleted with the website) and we want to share it all! So we’ll be sharing several of our sessions from the past year and all the adventures in between. While we are super bummed to lose our website, this new start has been a great reminder to keep looking forward, not backward. To get creative when things don’t go your way and as cliché as it sounds… make lemonade with even the sourest of lemons!

So watch out, because we’re back and better than ever! Our minds and creativity are refreshed and nothing will stop us. We’re dreaming big and as always, sharing our journey with you!

Love and Kindness,

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